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Russia & Ukraine, Putin & Zelenskyy

Russia & Ukraine, Putin & Zelenskyy
Vladimir Putin
Russia & Ukraine, Putin & Zelenskyy
Olena Zelenskyy and Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Trying objectively, Russia has failed to attain Putin’s “strategic” targets.

  1. The conflict is now in its third month. Russia didn’t win in 3 days. And Russia is dropping.
  2. Russian forces not kill Zelenskyy or pressure him to flee. As a substitute they helped remodel Zelenskyy into an inspiring hero recognized, revered, and cherished worldwide.
  3. Russian forces did not seize any main metropolis. The Russian military did seize the nuclear exclusion zone of Chernobyl, from which they retreated after digging and residing in trenches within the radioactive particle laden earth, and in so doing dedicated conflict crimes in opposition to themselves.
  4. Russian forces, on Putin’s orders, dedicated conflict crimes. We are able to argue that each soldier is a killer for the state. However the Russians in Ukraine kill, rape, bomb faculties and hospitals, ransack their victims houses and our bodies. As Tacitus mentioned of Rome, “They make a desert and name it peace.”
  5. Putin has created the largest refugee disaster in Europe since World Struggle II. 
  6. Putin has strengthened NATO and the EU, strengthened Joe Biden and Boris Johnson of their residence nations and internationally, helped Emmanuel Macron defeat the white nationalist (fascist) Marine LePen to win re-election, put Xi Jingping and different dictators on discover, and turned Russia into an remoted Pariah state. 
  7. Putin has demonstrated the large incompetence of the Russian navy. 
  8. Putin has illustrated the large scale of corruption in Russia. 
  9. Putin and the FSB (at this time’s KGB) has compelled a mind drain of educated younger Russians, which can maintain Russia again for 30 years after Putin’s elimination from energy. 
  10. Putin has proven that he, Lavrov, Shoigu, and so on. are as brutal, merciless, and insane as Stalin and Beria, as Hitler, Himmler, Eichmann, and the remainder. 

The reality is that the Soviet Union didn’t defeat the Nazis. The Soviets, struggling unbelievable losses, held them off and they may not have been in a position to try this with out the meals, garments, automobiles, vans, and ammunition that the US provided the Soviet Union within the Lend Lease program – price $11.3 Billion then and $180 billion at this time. Biden is aware of this. And Putin most likely refuses to confess it.

In the present day the US is supplying Ukraine. As Biden, who like Zelenskyy has proven himself to be a mensch and an uber mensch, a person of metal with a coronary heart of gold, says, “Don’t guess in opposition to the American individuals.” He may additionally say, “Don’t guess in opposition to the Ukrainian individuals, both.” As Zelenskyy says, “Slava Ukrainie.”

One remaining commentary:

Senator Joe McCarthy, opportunist and heroin addict that he was, had some extent. There may very well be – and there are at this time – politicians in America who, like McCarthy himself, will wrap themselves within the Bible and the flag whereas they shred the Structure, cozy as much as dictators, together with Putin, Xi, MBS, and so on. wanting to hitch them. Trump and each pro-Putin politician should reply to the voters, and a few should reply to the January 6 Committee and the Justice Division.

  • What do you know?
  • When do you know it? And
  • How a lot did Putin, his oligarchs, or different dictators funnel into your marketing campaign?”

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